Local Giveaway: Join Me at Sip of Michigan

May 13, 2012

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We all know that a night out, sometimes several, is truly a necessity. Time to get out of the house, wind down and relax with friends. There’s truly nothing better on a summer night. That’s why I’m so excited for my giveaway today – 2 complimentary tickets to Drink Michigan’s Sip of Michigan event in July.

If you haven’t heard of Drink Michigan yet, you should definitely take a moment to check them out before you continue reading. Go now, I mean it. I even gave you a link.

As you can see, since I know you all clicked over, it’s a site built to specifically celebrate and promote all of the great beer, wine and spirits that are made right here in Michigan.

From recipes made with local beer to Michigan wine tour itineraries to an extensive events calendar, even an annual cocktail contest, the ladies of Drink Michigan, Audrey and Trisha, have you covered.

Right now they’re busy planning a very special evening in July that will feature so many great, local products. I couldn’t be more excited to be able to share 2 tickets with a lucky reader.

Your prize pack of tickets will include:

  • An evening filled with a sampling of the fantastic beer, wine & liquor that Michigan has to offer
  • A night out in downtown Detroit overlooking the Detroit River at The Rattlesnake Club
  • Heavy appetizers to munch on while chatting with your friends
  • And, my favorite part, Live band karaoke where the Vanilla Ice in all of us busts out

I’ve already started brainstorming the list of songs I want to sing. That fact is truly worth the price of admission alone. But, for my lucky winner, you get to experience all of the above for free! If me singing is deterring you from possibly wanting to win, well, just strike that part from the record then.

It’s good to note that your ticket is also giving back to charity. Drink Michigan has partnered up with First Step in Wayne County, where their mission is to reduce the incidence of domestic and sexual violence and to provide services to individuals affected by these crimes.

I can’t wait to attend this year, as it’s a running joke between Trisha and myself because I’ve yet to make it to one of their events. For someone who rarely travels anymore, somehow we’ve been out of town each and every time they’ve hosted a party. I’m excited and I hope to see you there as well.

It’s very simple to enter the contest – leave a comment, follow the rules & regs of this giveaway below and you and a lucky guest will enjoy a night out in Detroit. And, since we all can’t be winners, even if you’re not the one selected, I highly suggest considering purchasing tickets to this party. It is sure to be a phenomenal, not-to-miss summertime event.

Be sure to give DrinkMichigan a follow, like or visit. They have some wonderful things to offer, even if you’re not local.


Giveaway rules: You must be 21 to enter this contest. Comments will be open from Sunday, May 12th – Friday, May 18th at 5pm EST. At that time, random.org will select a winner.

You get 1 entry for your comment below telling me why you are in need of a night out. You receive additional entries for the following: a tweet (I even wrote it for you below) or a mention on either your personal facebook page or your facebook fan page (please include the link to the event http://goo.gl/G2HzV).

Please note in your comment if you mentioned this on FB or twitter. Good luck to you!

Tweet option: I just entered to win 2 free tickets to @DrinkMichigan’s #SipOfMi party. You can too! http://goo.gl/G2HzV via @ElenaWollborg

Disclosure? None necessary. I was not compensated or given complimentary tickets in order to host this giveaway. I just love the girls at Drink Michigan and was more than happy to support their event.

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45 Responses to “Local Giveaway: Join Me at Sip of Michigan”

  1. Bree

    The hubs & I haven’t been out, in a long time. We could totally use it. And, of course, this one is perfect since there’s alcohol involved. :)

  2. Amy Feldkamp Says:

    Hmm… a night out? Always. MI Brews? Again, always. 3 kids, two full-time teacher parents.. and a serious love of anything MI beer related…I think that about covers it. It sounds like a blast! Count me in.

  3. Jenn Says:

    Why do I need a night out? Between work and homeownership, I’m surprised I even I have a moment to check out your awesome blog, much less plan a night out and act on it. Not to mention, homeownership is driving me to drink. :)

  4. Lindsay Says:

    I could use a night out — specifically, at this event — because I live in mid-Michigan and miss all of my friends in metro Detroit. I’ve been thinking about going to this event, and the free tickets would make a weekend in Detroit more affordable for me. I’m still recovering financially after being unemployed for almost a year (back to work for two), and every little bit helps! Thanks for your consideration. :)

    Also: I tweeted and posted on Facebook.

  5. Deb J. Says:

    I’d love a night out with my sister. I was divorced almost a year ago and really need to get out and socialize more. Plus my birthday is July 17th so this would be a great pre-birthday outing! I mentioned this on my facebook wall (Deb Jacobs) and on twitter as @debralu. Following & Liked your sites and Drink Michigan sites (twitter & FB). Thanks for the chance!

  6. Christine Welc Says:

    This is so awesome! Well I would love to take an opportunity to win a night out….especially doing all of the things I just read at Drink Michigan! Sounds awesome. I know that I will really be ready for a night out because last week (while trying to get in wedding shape at the gym w/ my trainer) I ruptured my Achillies tendon and had surgery on Wednesday. So yes that means I will be walking down the isle on my Big Day in crutches :( I will be on crutches and in casts for the next 6-8 weeks. This is a 6 month complete recovery…yes!!! So July will be close to half way and I’d love to have a night out with my new hubby and no kids. And there is nothing better than some Michigan beers and wine to take away the pain from the crutches:) thanks for the opportunity!! Good Luck to everyone!!

  7. keri szawara Says:

    Oh, I would love to win a night out. My husband Jamie and I havent been out on a nice date is SO long! Having 3 kids 5 years old and younger, its hard to make/find the time.
    This mommy needs a drink :)

  8. Sabrina O'Neil Says:

    I have 3 children, that’s why I need a night out! LOL!!

  9. Kitoula Says:

    Just shared the info about the event and the give-away on my FB page and on Twitter! “Like”‘d there page on FB too!

  10. Kitoula Says:

    Plus… I would luv a “girls night out” with some of my favorite bloggers. Who doesn’t need a “girls night out”? Plus I luv that proceeds go to First Step.

  11. Kyle H Says:

    Drinking MI beer in Detroit for an awesome night out, hell yeah.

  12. kristy Says:

    I’ll be done with Graduate School at the end of June, and could really use a nice night out the following days after! If the money and event is for a good cause – I’m in! :)

  13. Nick Says:

    Tweeted it! Reason I need a night out. Hmmmm, I’ll give you 3 of them. Mia, Kaia and River. Ages 7, 5 and 3. Mommy and Daddy need some #puremichigan drinks!

  14. Jessica Says:

    Would love to go!

    • Jessica Says:

      Oops, hit submit too soon. We NEVER get a night out and I still haven’t met half the Michigan bloggers I talk to so would love to attend.

  15. Jessica Says:

    Shared on my fb page.

  16. nicole b. Says:

    I could use a night out because well, I have 2 wild, rambunctious, endlessly energized little boys. And there’s just me raising them (yep, i pulled the single parent card). ;) Nah, I’m going to go if I win or not because I love the girls of Drink Michigan too, and it’ll be a great time watching others let out their inner Vanilla Ice or Steve Perry after a few choice Michigan libations!

  17. Marjo Williams Says:

    I am in DIRE need of a night out, because I have about three different things going on that are slowly turning me into a dull girl. Work, Volunteer Marketing and pursuing my MBA at Walsh. All work and no play… makes me very very tired.

  18. pinkflipflops Says:

    This sounds amazing! I am in need of a night out because I have been breastfeeding for ONE YEAR as of May 25th and on July 13th? I hopefully will not be. And I can reaaaaaaaaaaaaaly have fun! ;)

  19. pinkflipflops Says:

    I also tweeted!

  20. Amy

    Sounds like a great time, and for a worthy cause! Too bad I live so far away from Michigan or else I would enter. Although it probably would be worth the trip to get to hear you sing! :-) Cheers!

  21. Kelly Elswick Says:

    I am in need of a night out because my husband and I have a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old, and we both work full time. To avoid daycare, we work opposite shifts. It doesn’t leave much US time. This would be so much fun! =)

  22. Alicia Belrose Says:

    Mentioned on fb.

  23. Tracey J

    I work 12 hour shifts as a nurse. I am so in need of a night out between work and family. I would definitely love to support a Michigan related event. Proud Detroiter here!

  24. Tracey J

    I am a nurse that works 12 hour shifts. I am exhausted and in need of a night out. I would love to support a Michigan related event. Proud Detroiter here! I’m also tweeting this.

  25. Gina Kittle Says:

    Love, Love, Love coming to Detroit! Especially for a Fantastic event like this, for such a Great cause! We would LOVE a night out!

  26. Gina Kittle Says:

    It’s on my facebook!

  27. Katrus

    Both my wife and myself are into the local food and beverage scene, and I would love to take her for a night out for such.

    I tweeted your tweet on my, um, Twitter.

  28. Quanniece Rivers Says:

    I’m in need of a night out due to working tons of overtime at work and trying to get a home together that I just purchased! And of course a night of Michigan libations and food is always bound to be a great night!! I tweeted and shared on facebook!!

  29. Nikki Carter Says:

    I would loooove to win passes to this party! I think I deserve a night out because all work and no play makes *this* gal a near psychopath ;-)
    As we get older, we can’t hang out like we used to, so these once in a while chances are rare and I’ve heard this event isn’t one to miss!

  30. Megan @ MegGoesNomNom Says:

    This event sounds so much fun! It is taking place close to my and my hubby’s fourth wedding anniversary and would make a fun night out!

  31. Megan @ MegGoesNomNom Says:

    Just shared a link to this giveaway on my blog’s Facebook wall!

  32. Megan @ MegGoesNomNom Says:

    Just tweeted this! (I am @mehalv).

  33. Melissa

    Sounds like a great party! I am always in need of night out especially if I get to see you sing Ice Ice baby!

  34. Christina S. Says:

    I need a night out because I’ve been, basically, living under a rock for the last 18 years while playing “mommy.” I’ve only recently discovered that Michigan has some fantastic wines and would love to learn about other libations.

  35. Becky Leonhardt Says:

    I have had a really rough past year and a half. To start I was pregnant with identical twin boys – who were born early due to complications of twin to twin transfusion syndrome. I lost them both shortly after birth :’(. Being a mom is my purpose in life. Now I am going through a divorce – so my purpose in life is even further put off. I also just sold the marital home and am actually moving out of it today. So I’m now a 28 year old mother to twin angels, single and living with my parents. I need a night out to relax and mingle.

  36. Becky Leonhardt Says:

    Oh and I also work full time as a labor and delivery nurse!

  37. sarah w Says:

    I need to win cause I have been taking care of my daughter since she was 4 by myself. I am the sole provider and parent. Now that she is going to be 15 in a few months I get to deal with “teenagerism”. I never do anything myself. So I think after 10 years I deserve something for myself. I work full time and I am a full time parent…..please let me have a break from being a mom. Help me feel like a young single women should feel…help me have a little fun!