Master Cleanse & Vitamins: My Way of Showing Sickness the Door

This past fall the boys switched from being home full-time with a nanny, to now attending a daycare-preschool center full time. When I went back to work in late August, I braced myself for what was to come.

Chaotic mornings and stressful pick-ups. (Yes, pick-ups are actually difficult. My kids never want to leave school and come with me. It’s really heartwarming.)

Many lunches to be packed. 109 pb&j’s in the shape of Star Wars ships and counting….

And sickness. So, so, SO much sickness.

In the past few years, I’ve basically raised my kids in a bubble, on purpose. I spent my first few years of teaching always sick, and I’d built up a great immunity by the time the kids came around. When they were born, I was determined to stick to the status quo, because I knew going back after 2 maternity leaves I wasn’t going to have a lot of sick days.

For the first few years, my efforts were successful. With a combination of a lot of hand washing, and very little Chuck-E-Cheesing, the boys seemed to stay fairly healthy, only catching the occasional cold now and then.

Then November rolled around this fall; two months into our daycare stint.

Basically from Thanksgiving to about 3 weeks ago, someone in our house had something. Flu. Stomach bug. Major cold. Chills. Sinus infection. Fevers. Ear infection(s). Strep. Wicked cough. The unmentionables (I’ll spare you those details). 

A full night of sleep was becoming a priceless commodity in our family and I wanted, needed, to find any way to take our life back. Our germ free life back.

I consulted with my doctor, friends, and well, really just Google.

I came across a few suggestions: More vitamins, monitor your diet, deep clean, wash your hands extremely often, invest in a humidifier and even consider doing some sort of cleanse.


I’m terrible at remembering to take a daily vitamin. Somehow I rocked prenatal care and remembered each and every day, but without a baby in the belly, I can’t remember a thing. I guess pregnancy brain had the opposite effect on me.

My friend, Jessica, sent me an offer to try an immune booster, Epicor. Her timing was perfect and I jumped at the chance. I had signed on to take 1 every day in January.

I’ll be honest. I was awesome at remembering them the first week. New Year’s Resolutions will do that to you. And I truly felt better. The sickness seemed to be evacuating. Then I slipped, and also got sick again. I re-committed to taking these vitamins 4 weeks ago, and I definitely feel better.

It has made a difference in my airways and I feel like I don’t have to run into the corner of the room every time someone coughs.

An immune booster is something I’ll definitely stick with and hopefully it continues to work. I’m also happy to report, while knocking on wood, that both my boys had stuffy noses this weekend, and so far, I’ve been totally fine.

Diet, Washing Hands & Deep Clean

I have cut some dairy products out of my diet. Not all, people. Just some. Basically in an effort to hopefully clear up the airways.

Our family has also basically kept Method’s hand soap refills in business. I’m constantly having the boys hop up on their little stool and sing either “Happy Birthday” or their “ABC’s” (the recommended time to wash your hands).

And as far as a major deep clean, I traded in my all-natural cleaning products for the big guns. Lysol and Clorox were my Friday night dates for a few weeks.

Master Cleanse

Oh, yah. Remember that. The 72 hours I only drank a mixture of water, fresh lemon juice, organic grade B maple syrup and cayenne pepper.

The drink, in my opinion, was good. I still make it sometimes even though I’m currently off the cleanse. It was the equivalent of a spicy, fresh lemonade.

I do feel like the cleanse cleared up my sinuses and my chest. And as an added bonus, in the 3 days I did the cleanse, I did not experience any of the *ahem* side effects.

Lucky me. Or rather, lucky husband.

I learned a lot about myself and my addiction to food. How I reach for food, sometimes simply out of habit. Four times during my cleanse, I opened up the fridge for no apparent reason. I would’ve totally grabbed something to eat, had I not been on the cleanse.

I learned how you can have willpower when you choose to have willpower.

I would love to do the cleanse again, maybe even for more of a 5 day period (typically, people do the master cleanse for 10 days). I liked how I felt. And the looser pants were definitely an added bonus.

For now, it seems we’ve been able to show sickness the door. Let’s just hope it doesn’t find its way back inside.


Disclosure: I was sent samples of Epicor. However, I was not paid to write a post for them and all opinions are my own.