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August 12, 2013

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When it’s Sunday at 11am and your husband suggests a day trip to Canada, sometimes you just go for it and say “Yes!”. He’s thinking a hike through one of our favorite waterfalls, you’re thinking a tour of your old 19 year old bar haunts. Obviously his idea is better suited for  kids, at this age at least.

Living so close to the land of the maple leaf flag and Ryan Reynolds birthplace is kind of cool; it’s a funny thing that you can tell your kids they’re going to have lunch in a different country. When lunch becomes Tim Horton’s, well that story becomes sort of anti-climatic.

The first part of our adventurous, wow my wife is kind of fun sometimes, day was being stuck on traffic on top of the Port Huron-Sarnia bridge. The words “whatever you do, Elena, don’t look down” rang through my head on a constant loop. I did. 27 nauseating times.

When we finally made it over, after rejoicing that our car was back on land, we had a very thorough search at customs. Obviously things have changed since my 19 year old crossing-the-border days of Where are you going? The bar. Ok, have a good night. And, scene.

About 35 minutes over the bridge, getting lost a couple of times – let’s just talk about Canada’s road marker signage and this whole km/h vs. mph thing – we made it to our destination:  Rock Glen Conservation Area, also known as Fossil Falls. I’m still not sure if we were actually looking at dinosaur fossils, or if that’s just some story they tell kids and 36 year old naive women. Regardless, we had a good time searching.

The adventures didn’t stop there. As if being stuck on top of the bridge wasn’t enough of a bravery limits test for the day, Charlie thought it would be a fantastic idea to take the ferry back. And of course, we ended up being the first car on it. You never want to be the first car, you always want to be in the middle. Protection. When the boat attendant kept waving me to move up further, and further, and then a little more, I’m pretty sure he sensed the fear as I would only move up 1/8 of an inch at a time.

There was rejoicing: part 2 of the day, when we were back on land.

We came. We saw. We got wet, under a waterfall and on a splashing ferry. We found Woolly Mammoth. All in a Sunday’s work.

LOCALS: This park is about 35-40 minutes over the PH/Sarnia bridge. You can also do the Sombra/Marine City ferry, but that will add on about 20 minutes to your trip. This park is a fun stop if you’re heading anywhere in Canada – Toronto, Niagara Falls, Tobermory, Blue Mountain – that’s how we initially found out about it. It was a fun, easy day trip, but know that it’s not a super huge park. Pretty much what you see in the pictures, is what you get, with the addition of some hiking trails. There is a campground there as well, if you’re into that sort of thing. It was $7.50 per car load to get in – Canadian or American. I’m fairly certain the man who took our money had no clue on how to calculate the exchange rate, nor did I.



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One Response to “O Canada”

  1. julie gardner Says:

    I think a day trip to Canada is the coolest thing ever.

    Too bad I live in SoCal so that is not an option for me. No matter how cool the bar haunts might be.

    Sounds wonderful. And wet. And woolly.

    Nicely done.


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